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Ray Stauffer and his husband James Stauffer Elmwood Columbine's Sunflower

--Complete Herd Dispersal--

I will be dispersing my herd over the next few weeks. Everyone is for sale and I have listed the prices for each one under their pedigrees. Willing to help figure out transport details.

My breeding philosophy.

My goal as a breeder is to breed a long lived, productive, dairy type animal. I don't care about blue eyes, moonspots or color. What I care about is conformation. I rely heavily on LA to make my breeding and purchasing decisions for my herd. I prefer lines that take time to mature. Most of my does take several years to grow into themselves. They are awkward as yearlings and even sometimes as second fresheners, but once they turn three they shine! I don't like an animal that is a flash in a pan! I want a doe that can hold up and be productive into her teens.

Milk Production-
Milk production is important to me. I want a doe that can produce well over an extended lactation, is easy to maintain and will hold up well over many years.

I raise goats because I enjoy them. My time in the barn is my quiet time. My happy place. I will not tolerate a doe in my herd with a poor temperament or who is a bully to the rest of the herd. I want the time I spend in the barn to be enjoyable and will not put up with a brat. I do not care how nice a doe is, if she has a snotty attitude towards me or the other goats she is out of here. The does in my Lustrous line are some of the most easy going calm goats I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

My story

Elmwood Acres started on July 4th 2003 when I purchased my first goat, an Alpine named Tangie. That year I joined a 4-H club that focused on Dairy Goats in order to learn more about these wonderful animals. The first time I attended the county fair I caught the “show bug” and I fear I may never recover! I attended my first ADGA sanctioned show in 2005 when I participated in the Colorado State Fair. I had a wonderful time and was warmly welcomed by all the breeders there. Thus began my showing journey.

In 2008 I participated in LA for the first time. At that session the appraiser took time to walk me through the process, and used Tangie to show me how all the scores were determined. Imagine my surprise when he announced that her final score was 92 EEEE, at nine years old! Later that day two of Tangie's daughters went 89 and 90. I was beyond happy that I would get scores this high at my very first appraisal!

On December 29th 2010 I lost my special friend Tangie. She was my very first goat and I will miss her dearly. As her memorial I have written a Story about her many years with me.

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